Carl Edwards??????

Hello guys,

Say it ain’t so.  How can one of the greatest drivers today just walk away?  I mean I grew up watching this guy and grew to really enjoying watching him drive that Toyota Camry.  I can honestly thank Mr. Edwards for helping me get closer to my dad.  On Sunday afternoons we would sit and watch the race and one of our mutual favorites was Ol’ Carl.  So I say again, “Say it ain’t so”.

Selfish reasons aside, I know Carl has to do what’s best for him and his family, but it won’t make things any easier.  To make matters worse, it is hard to see someone walk away seemingly on top of the sport and be so close to winning it all twice.  As someone who played sports in high school (which basically makes me an expert), to come so close to something only to have your career end before you could accomplish your goal is heartbreaking.  I know he is a competitor and I feel for him because I know it will haunt him for the rest of his life.  He may never say it publically, but once an athlete, always an athlete.  He will always want to drive again and what makes matters worse is he will always drive only to be restricted by a speed limit.  I know that monster, the stuff in the basement, will always be there and it will make life tough even if you don’t want to admit it.

Best of wishes to you brother Carl.  I hope you find what you are seeking.

Palm Beach Kennel Club

I just wanted to write a quick post about one of my favorite racing spots to hit up when I’m in South Florida.  The Palm Beach Kennel Club is a premier dog racing track that is dedicated to providing the best experience for the crowd.  Live races start every day at 1pm and of course, you can gamble.  I don’t think this place would be on my priority list if it wasn’t for the gambling aspect.  Dog races are extremely fun to bet on but please always play responsibly.  However, if dog racing really is not your style, they have a poker room.  There is nothing I love more than sitting down to play a little texas hold’em while drinking a Jack n’ Ginger.  I grew up playing cards so naturally, the poker room is a most stop every time I’m at the track.  The next time you are down in the Palm Beach area, I definitely recommend stopping by the Kennel Club.  Also, here is a little pro tip.  There is this really reasonable party bus company down there that will really pull out all the stops.  They will take your Kennel Club experience to the next level so definitely look them up beforehand.


Oh man.  This is a race everyone has been looking forward to.  Time to get all the chores done during the week, stock the fridge, get some snacks and buckle up.  This week the boys go to the Big One and prove just who is the bigger man.  The motor speedway was constructed in 1968 and finished in September of 1969 and the rest is history.  The visionary responsible, Bill France Sr., wanted to create a superspeedway bigger and faster than Daytona and boy did he succeed.  We’re talking about speeds in excess of 200 mph and if that wasn’t enough to cement this track at the top, Talladega is home to the fastest recorded speed NASCAR  stock car.  So, I tip my hat to you Mr. France and say thank you for constructing this gym.  We have and will continue to enjoy this track for many years.  Before I end this post, I have to take the time to mention that still to this day, the record holder for wins at Talladega is the late great Dale Earnhardt.  Thank you, Dale, for everything you did the for the sport.  Rest assured you will never be forgotten.  I end you with this:  Boogity Boogity Boogity Let’s Go Racing Boys!

Origins of Racing

Just wanted to take a moment to write the first official post on the BC Interior Horse Racing blog and I thought it would be fitting to start with the origins of stock car racing.  As many of you know, stock car racing started in the South back during prohibition.  Moonshiners would soup up their cars in order to evade police and distribute liquor throughout the south.  Soon, as men do, they started to brag and argue about who’s car was the fastest and who was the best driver around.  So how did they decide who was best? Of course, they decided to race. Isn’t great to know men haven’t changed over the years?  I can honestly say if I was around back in those days I would have done the same thing.  Nothing beats the adrenaline rush associated with pushing man and machine to their limits just to prove who is best.  Sprinkle in a little  180 proof moonshine, and you got yourself a hell of a good time.  Don’t believe me? Check out more of the history here.


Hello, and welcome to BC Interior Horse Racing.  On this blog, we will discuss all things racing.  Yes, that means we will discuss things other than horse racing.  Come back soon to see our first legit post covering the topic of racing.  Peace, and see you soon!